Use of pesticides and your Dog


If you have a garden in which your dog spends a lot of time and plays, you might want to check with your gardener when and what type of pesticides he uses. Pesticides can be hazardous and even fatal to dogs.

Chances are the gardener will tell you it is nothing harmful and that you shouldn’t worry. We tell you, you should worry. If possible check the container of the pesticides being used for warnings. Most products do list how poisonous they are and how long it takes before your kids or pets should have access to the applied area. Check ingredients, names and research the internet if nothing else is found.

How long do I keep my dog away then?

Whatever you do, keep your dog away from the lawn or the area pesticides were applied to for at least 24 hours and until it is properly washed down depending on the level of toxicity of the chemical used. Do not leave any raw-hides, toys, food or water bowls in the area being treated.

If there is any way around, we always recommend chemical free pesticides. For some homemade chemical free recipes check here

If the problem you are facing is ticks in the garden, we recommend cutting down the lawn frequently, ticks like humidity, by mowing the lawn, it will give water a better chance to evaporate and deprive ticks of water.

Keep it clean of dead leaves; make sure the ticks do not find other shaded places to hide once you cut the lawn.

Try using a homemade chemical free pesticide:

This is a citrus based recipe. Ticks avoid citrus, which makes it an effective repellent.

2 cups of boiling water, chop 4 lemons or 2 oranges or grapefruit or mix. Let it all boil for 2 minutes then lower the fire and let it simmer for an hour. Strain the fruit out, let it cool then pour into the sprayer. Spray it on your lawn as a safe repellent around your pets and kids.

For fighting ticks on your dog read here

Read here for a natural based homemade tick repellent to apply to dog.