You and Your Dog in Public

You and Your Dog in Public


We, dog parents are responsible for our dog’s behavior in public. It is our duty to make sure our dog behaves appropriately in different situations. Achieving that, requires some training and an existing bond between you and your dog.

Walking your Dog

When walking your dog put into consideration that not everyone is comfortable around dogs. Yes, for us dog parents that might sound somewhat ridiculous but some people had bad experiences and some are just scared or uncomfortable around them. Do not let your dog approach people on the street unless they ask. If you feel that someone in the same path or on a sidewalk is not comfortable keep your dog on a short leash.

Meeting another Dog

If you encounter another dog being walked while out with your pooch, do not let your dog approach unless the other person says that it is ok to do so. Note that dogs playing while on leash might get stressful for one of them and for the parents.

Read about what to do if you encounter a pack of stray dogs here


We know it isn’t always easy but try to keep your dog from barking at people. It scares people; many see it as a sign of violence.

Dining out with your Dog:

We have compiled a list of pet friendly cafes and restaurants . Make sure your dog is calm before visiting a pet friendly café or restaurant. Take a walk or let your pooch play or run to drain some of that energy.

Bring along a water bowl for your pooch to drink. A café or restaurant can most probably supply you with a take-away plate but they aren’t always the best to use as a water bowl.

If your dog is into raw-hides or other distraction toys, you can take one with you so your pooch doesn’t get bored.

To be able to enjoy your meal or coffee with your friends without having to instruct your pooch not to beg from everyone at the table, read our article about begging dogs here.

We will talk more in detail about introducing your dog to restaurant and cafes visits in another article.

Keep it Clean

A general rule to you and your dog in public is cleaning up after your dog. In Egypt we are short on pet friendly places, therefore to keep pet friendly venues as pet friendly as they are, please keep it clean. No one wants to clean up after your dog and definitely no one wants to step into your dog’s poop.

Be a good neighbor