8 Simple Rules for walking your dog

TheDogsNetwork_LeashingWalking your dog is a good way of exercise for both of you. It drains their energy and helps you burn some extra calories and stay fit.

In addition, walking your dog is a very good way of bonding with them. They look forward to that quality time you both spend together doing the same thing. Check some guidelines to take into consideration when walking your dog

  • Use a leash. You need to be able to control your dog and keep him away from danger when needed.
  • Walk them when the weather is nice. Don’t walk them at noon time when it’s extremely hot. The heat of the asphalt can cause their paws to blister and is very harmful for them. It’s always better to walk them early morning or afternoon (before sunset).
  • Make sure they don’t eat anything off the ground. It’s crucial. A lot of poison alerts have been raised lately in the streets of Egypt. Allowing them to lick/eat off the streets can actually kill them. Keep a close eye. If you suspect that your dog has ingested poison, click here to find out what to do.
  • Bring water along. If you’re planning to take a long walk, try to bring some water along in case they get thirsty. It’s necessary especially in the summer.
  • Spray them with natural tick/flea repellents. Especially in the summer, it’s better to spray them with any natural tick/flea repellent daily before walking outside. Click here to check some homemade natural recipes for safe repellents.
  • If you bump into a pack of barking strays, be calm. The first thing you should do is have your dog sit for a minute, so they understand that there is no harm intended. While your dog is sitting, you should stand tall, with your arms in your waist to show confidence (it sounds silly but it works!). After that start walking confidently, and try to take a path opposite where they came from. Stray dogs are usually loud, as they are trying to protect their territories, themselves or their little ones. Once they understand that no harm is intended, they will go away. And once you have in mind they are only barking out of fear, you will be in control of the situation. (If things get bad for some reason, carry a water gun along to keep them away)
  • If you bump into panicky  people, be cool. We tend to get very defensive when it comes to people disliking our furry friends! Remind them your dog is on leash, and that nothing will happen to them. Assure them you have your dog under control (and mean it!). If your dog is out of control for any reason, just take them and walk away.
  • Clean up after your dog. Don’t forget to have bags available with you to remove their poop after elimination. If your dog poops it, then you should scoop it.

woofDid you know? During the era of ancient Egypt, collaring and leashing was standard in dog training!

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