Taking a trip by car with your dog

Dogs by the seaTaking a trip is just as exciting for dogs as it is for us. When the packing starts, dogs sense that something is going on. Many of them will not let the luggage out of sight. If you have a smaller dog who isn’t to be found, try looking in your open suitcase.

As a dog parent who is taking their dog along, please plan the trip carefully. Depending on the breed, please check weather conditions and accommodation accordingly. If travelling during the warmer season, make sure your dog can cool off when it gets too hot. If your trip takes you to the sea, some dogs such as retrievers will be first to most likely end up in the water.

Please be aware that some long and dense furred breeds need to be groomed (shaved) during summer months. Check with your vet.

On the day of travelling, do not feed your dog a lot as many dogs are prone to motion sickness. A snack, best high in protein is often enough. Make sure your dog has a cool and safe place if travelling by car, best is to crate them if they are used to a crate. Consider applying sun shades if the sun shines too strong into the car.

If it is warm, please do not leave your dog in the parked car even if the windows are cracked open for more than max. 5 minutes, the car turns in an oven faster than you imagine. Unfortunately every year many dogs dehydrate due to being left unattended in parked cars.

Once you reached your destination, go for a long walk with your dog to ease your dogs stressed condition. Remember it might all be new to them.

When you have to leave him behind in your new holiday accommodation, make sure your scent has filled the place. Make sure that no hazards are lying around, some holiday homes that had been closed for a while might have laid out insect or rodent repellants or poison. Please make sure that this is not the case. If all is clear, you filled his water bowl and your dog is settled in, maybe leave them some entertainment (toys, rawhides, etc) before you leave.



  • Dog Food
  • Your dog’s bed (Also in Egypt some hotels offer to put a dog bed into the room)
  • Water & Food bowl
  • Medication (if any)
  • First aid kit (ask your vet)
  • Toys
  • Dog Tag (remember it’s a new place and your neighbors might not know your dog there)

woofDid you know? Some breeds such as retrievers have webbed toes and therefore are perfect swimmers.

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