Simple home remedies for dogs

Simple Home Remedies for DogsLike every loving dog parent, it really hurts when you see your pup feeling under the weather. Here are some tips and tricks for your dog to do at home when they’re not feeling well.

Important note: When your dog is not feeling well, you should contact your vet. The tips below are merely temporary until you get a checkup or prescription from your vet.

1. When your dog is hyper ventilating/panting for a long continuous time, probably it’s an increase in body temperature. At this point don’t rush and give him water, it might harm them more than help. Give them a sponge bath instead, or use a wet towel on their face, chest and stomach to try and decrease body temperature. If it persists call your vet immediately.
2. If your dog has eaten something sharp (like plastic, or thin cooked bones), feed them yogurt immediately, as it’s a natural antacid. For the next day at least, put them on a bland diet (boiled rice, chicken and vegetables). Watch their stool closely. If you see any signs of blood, rush immediately to the vet, as their life could be at risk at this point. Read this article on what to do when your dog swallows something sharp.
3. In cases of diarrhea or stomach ache, sometimes your pup will have a loss of appetite. Fasting for at least one day in that case could be good. So don’t panic if they can’t eat. After the fasting is over, put them on a bland diet for a couple of days. Boiled rice helps a lot with diarrhea. Note also that Chamomile is a wonderful option that will help sooth your dog’s stomach ache and help them relax. Click here to read about how dogs can benefit from Chamomile tea.

4. When your teething dog is suffering from sore gums/teeth, wet a small clean towel with water, freeze it then give it to them to bite on. It will help sooth the pain and inflammation. Read this article on puppy teething and nipping phase.

5. When your dog has a small superficial wound, don’t panic. You can easily apply to it an antiseptic solution or ointment (e.g. Fucidin, Betadine, or diluted hydrogen peroxide). In case of deep wounds, you must call your vet.


woofTip: Animal poisoning is common in streets of Egypt and some public gardens. Always ask your vet for an antidote to keep at home, and take his advice on how to use it. It’s always safer to be prepared in those cases. Better be prepared than risk their lives.

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