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JACKET RUST  is Training and Rehabilitation Facility that offers complete solution for your dog to become stable, well-behaved and happy family companion.

Our Euro-Egyptian Team is dedicated to help our clients and Club members to establish healthy dog and owner relationship by improving their mutual communication and understanding, introduce them new training oriented activities, sports and dog friendly culture in Egypt.

We find pleasure in dog rehabilitation and behavior modification.

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Jacket Rust Services

Our facility provides full range of dog-related services starting with various trainings, behavior shaping and rehabilitation, complete dog care and accommodation. This is followed by specialized activities as Canis-Therapy, Dog Fitness and Bodybuilding, Dog-related Consulting and forming a community of educated and responsible owners with well-behaved dogs.

  • Training Courses :
    • Puppy Preschool
    • Obedience Courses
    • Agility
    • Dog Show Handling
    • Protection Dog Courses
  • Behavior Modification
  • Dog Rehabilitation
  • Dog Accommodation
  • Day Care Service
  • Canis-Therapy
  • Fitness and Bodybuilding Courses

Additional Services: Workshops, Breed Recommendation, Nutrition Tips, Petography.


Contact Info

Address: shop NO.111, 2nd floor, Dana Mall 1, Street 15, Behind Family Court, 5th settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

Visit Website: www.jacketrust.com

Email: info@jacketrust.com

Phone: 01222859055 – 012057889 44

Facebook: Jacket Rust

Youtube: Jacket Rust


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2 thoughts on “Jacket Rust

  • Sarah Hussein
    Sarah Hussein

    My dog is blind, and I sent him to Jacket Rust for 3 days to be able to overcome his self confidence issues, and to be able to deal with his disability. He was well taken care of, and was assigned to play with therapy dogs who were wonderful with my dog. Very professional staff and care. When he came back he was much calmer, and more self confident. The owner would also send me videos daily to help me monitor my dog’s progress during his stay there, since I was very worried to leave him, given he can’t see. Very well organized, and a team of highly qualified professionals there. That was over a month ago, and until now, I receive follow-up calls from the owner to check on my dog’s progress on the assigned training plan we were given. You see, after they assessed/monitored him for 3 days, we had a meeting with the owner, and were given a detailed training plan to help my dog work on his other senses to deal with life (his hearing and smelling senses). This place is great, and highly trusted to leave your dogs in their professional hands, and run by highly qualified behaviorists and trainers.

  • Sarah Fahmy
    Sarah Fahmy

    Jacket Rust is one facility in Egypt I trust.
    I’m the mother of a spoiled dog who isn’t easy to deal with at all. After so many failures in boarding facilities in Egypt, I finally found the true dogs’ heaven.
    At Jacket Rust, the security and surveillance level to ensure the safety of the dogs and the monitor the kennel during the nights is beyond. Also, the hygiene in this place is super great. All dogs must get a health certificate (not only the vaccines certificate) from the kennel’s official vet to avoid any contagious diseases. Grooming is a state of the art, when my baby comes home she’s bathed, groomed and nails are trimmed. The cleanliness of the play arena, boxes, feeding plates is very assuring.
    All the above is nothing compared to what the dogs learn… My dog had issues, shyness, confidence, fear due to bad experiences with other dogs. After spending a vacation at Jucket Rust and socializing with other well trained dogs, she’s become totally different. Her character has improved and her fear are minimal now.
    Overall, I am very happy with the experience at Jacket Rust and I know that this place is the most suitable for my dog every time I will have to leave her. Special thanks to the owners and staff for taking such care of my baby