Hala’s Bark Park, Cairo-Alex Rd.




Hala’s Bark Park is a home business owned by an animal lover. We only have 30 rooms so that each pet will get the attention they deserve. The dogs go out in a huge garden (unleashed) in rotation all day. We do not let pets out together for their own safety.


Working hours 

Saturday to Thursday

10 am – 5 pm

Room sizes & Prices

All of our rooms have indoor and outdoor areas. Our main aim is to pamper our beloved guests & make them feel home

Room Type                         Size Per Room

Small room               2m x 4m

Medium room          2.5m x 6m

Large room               2.5m x 6.5m

We also offer a 3 week obedience training program (including food & stay). The duration of the training is subject to reduction or extension depending on your dog’s evaluation.

Booking policy

50% deposit upon pet’s drop off and 50 % upon pet’s pick up

Please make sure you pick your pet up before 12 pm on your pick up date.

If your pet stays from after 12 pm until 2 pm you will be charged for half the day.

If your pet stays after 2pm, you will be charged for the whole day


We take great pleasure in caring for your pets. Kindly make sure you follow these rules for your own pet’s safety and for the safety of other pets as well.

  1. We do not take sick dogs
  2. We do not take dogs if they are infested with ticks, flees, etc
  3. We do not take aggressive dogs
  4. Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date as you will be asked to send us a copy of your pet’s health certificate before boarding

Please note that we are dealing with living souls. We do everything we can to make them comfortable and we make sure to update you with any feedback (positive or negative). In case of sudden death or disease not associated with Hala’s Bark Park, we will not be held accountable.

Address: Hala’s Bark Park, Cairo Alex Road – Kilo 54, Cairo, Egypt


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