Rasha Hassanien – Certified Pet Care Specialist, Maadi 1

Rasha Hassanien

Rasha Hassanien: Call 01100776959

Rasha Hassanien, Certified Pet Care Specialist, Trainer, Dog walker and pet sitter in homes for dogs and cats in Maadi area.

Rasha has experience with all breeds including baladi breed, & offer two walks per day each for 45 mins. Her car is equipped to pick up dogs, and only walks dogs around the CAC area to avoid streets with poison threats.



Service Prices:

  • Dog Walk Two times, 45 minutes each, @75 LE /day
  • In house dog day care during travels twice a day, @100 LE/day. Inludes walks, food, water, playtime & training
  • Also offers medical care: grooming / bathing, medication and treatment, vaccinations and vet consultations @150 L.E.
  • Puppy training: she offers a 4 week-training course which includes basic commands, potty training, socialization and walking on leash, @1500 L.E.
  • New owners consultation, which includes selection of the correct breed, type, size, in addition to medical advice and tips on how to accomodate your new pet, @800 L.E.
  • Rasha also offers services for cat owners. Call her to find out!

Contact Phone: 01100776959 , Or connect with her on Facebook by clicking this link

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