Eastwind Kennels, Abu Rawaash 4

Eastwind Kennels Services:
Boarding, Day care, Training, Pet Taxi from and to anywhere (airconditioned, with an escort from Eastwind)
In House-Training
Wash & Walk service (In house sitting)
Off 26 th of July Corridor Abu Rawash – 6 th of Octobor – Egypt.
Tel: 01144299991 , 01115049999

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4 thoughts on “Eastwind Kennels, Abu Rawaash

  • Aiten Sharaby
    Aiten Sharaby

    As per my previous experience with a different kennel, Eastwind is perfect. I sent my dog for a physical therapy after having a hip dysplcia and pateller luxation, the previous kennel wasn’t treating him good enough and i can say from his behavior that he hated the place, i sent him after that to Eastwind and 1st he loved his trainers, he keeps jumping and waging his tail from happiness, 2nd in three months he is able to walk i won’t say it’s 100% perfect but this depends on the dog himself.
    As for the Pool thing, actually since he started to swim i can see a progress even better then before and this only in three session, he started to have muscles in the back leg and walk proper then before. I really can’t wait to see my Hero in after three other months.

    Good job and keep it up, i would really recommend Eastwind if you’d like your dog to be happy, healthy and good trained

  • Inas Shawki
    Inas Shawki

    I cannot say anything about the training and boarding from personal experience, but the place is always kept clean and the dogs look happy and seem to like their trainers. Also I have heard from people who have left their dogs there were happy and satisfied with the outcome.

    I brought my dog there for physiotherapy for hip dysplasia – especially hydrotherapy – and I wasn’t too happy with the result. I filmed one of the swimming sessions once and showed it to my vet and he wasn’t pleased at all….To their defense I have to say I have a very big dog and it is difficult to handle them. They didn’t abuse him or anything, just that the physiotherapy in the pool was not proper and the vet said this is not helping the dog at all…

  • Liz Marvin
    Liz Marvin

    This is the only kennel in Cairo I trust to take care of my dog. It’s very expensive and not perfect, but it’s better than any other kennel in Cairo. The facility is very nice, and the handlers seem to do a good job with the dogs. I wish they had some indoor facilities for medium/large dogs; my dog lost a lot of weight while boarding for two weeks during a cold spell in December 2014, probably due to burning a lot of energy trying to stay warm in her outdoor pen. I wish the kennel had recognized this and decided to ignore my feeding instructions and given her more to eat, but oh well. The pet taxi service is handy, although the pickup & dropoff times vary widely. In the end, my dog always comes home clean and healthy (albeit exhausted), and I know that she hasn’t been abused or mistreated during her stay at Eastwind. And that’s what’s most important to me.

  • Jasmin Hussein
    Jasmin Hussein

    Lovely place for dogs. My dog always wags her tail when she sees her trainer. I left her there for two weeks and she came back fine and healthy.
    I gave a star less because it is very pricey and because they made an administration mistake with the training requested and discussed prior to sending my dog.