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2 thoughts on “Advance Care Vet Clinic

  • Ruqaya Al-Samarrai
    Ruqaya Al-Samarrai

    I had a wonderful experience at this clinic with Dr Ramy. My 3 month old kitten was severely malnourished and dehydrated due to mishandling at another clinic. After a phone consultation, we took my pet in – we weren’t even sure he would last the drive there he was that weak. They hooked him up to an IV for a few hours every day for 3 days and he is now on the mend and doing better by the day. Truly so grateful for their gentleness, honesty and helpfulness. Would definitely recommend.

  • Liz Marvin
    Liz Marvin

    I took my puppy to Advance Vet Care to get her spayed. The vet assistant had me put my dog into a holding cage, but left the dog’s harness on and her leash attached. I pointed out that my dog was likely to eat the leash, but the vet said this was how they do things and she would be fine. A few hours later, the vet office calls to let me know that my dog is ready for pickup, and could I please bring a new leash because my dog chewed hers, just as I had predicted. After paying significantly more than I was quoted for the operation, I brought my dog home. She started to vomit, which I had been told was a side effect of anesthesia, She hadn’t eaten for 12 hours, so I expected nothing to come out. Imagine my horror when she vomited up half of her leash! That means that the vet put her under anesthesia with something in her stomach, which is incredibly dangerous! I also suspect that the vet operated with the dog still wearing her harness, which doesn’t seem very sanitary to me. As is the case with all of the vets I’ve visited in Cairo, I think Advance Vet Care means well, but the knowledge, good practices, and execution of care just aren’t up to par.