Dog training

Why dogs escape sometimes

Why dogs escape
Dogs are a big part of their owner’s life and it would be tragic if anything happened to them. Dogs can be little explorers sometimes and they may have the need to escape. This can happen due to a number of reasons that we will get into in this article. […]

When to use a muzzle on your dog

When to use a muzzle on your dog
  Let’s make it clear that public safety is just as important as ours and our dogs’. A dog who has a muzzle is more comfortable to be around if they are in an uncomfortable situation. A muzzle is not necessarily used for aggressive dogs only, but can be used […]

How dogs mentor each other

how dogs mentor each other
  If you happen to have more than one dog, then you definitely encountered one dog teaching the other something, whether that thing is a bad or a good habit. There is no scientific evidence that proves that dogs mentor each other, thus, opinions may vary. What is social learning? Social […]

How to introduce a new dog to your current one

تقديم كلب جديد لكلبك الحالي
  Having one dog can already be a challenge for some of us, now talk about having two! Having two dogs of course is a blast, but how can we make them get along? This article will help you out in 4 simple steps on how to introduce a new dog […]

Challenges while walking your dog

Challenges while walking your dog
Walking your dog can either be the highlight of your day, or your worst nightmare. We all know how hard and challenging walking our dogs can be if they are not behaving well. They end up pulling on the leash, barking at people or other dogs, and sometimes chasing prey […]

Why trained dogs have pee accidents

حوادث التبول للكلاب المدربة
  Having your well behaved and trained dog  start peeing all over the house again after being housebroken can be frustrating. Most dog parents believe that their dogs are punishing them for something, but in fact dogs don’t hold any kind of grudge towards anyone. When a trained dog starts […]

Jealousy in dogs

Jealousy in dogs
As dog parents we spoil our dogs sometimes too much that they can’t handle not being the center of attention. Not only can this affect us, but can also affect other people. If you are one of those people then you have probably seen your dog come between you and another […]

The use of dog accessories

Dog Accessories Harness
When we raise a dog there are certain accessories that simply tag with us along the way. Some of these accessories are a must and some are not. In this article we will introduce some of the important accessories to have as a dog owner, and why they are important. […]

When to stop giving your dog treats

When to stop giving your dog treats
  One of the most commonly used methods for training is positive reinforcement with treats. This method simply means that the dog is given a treat every time he does a desired action until learned. A question stands at times: When to stop giving your dog treats for rewarding? This question […]

Teach your dog to bark on command (speak)

Teach your dog to bark on command
It’s cool when we teach our dogs a trick or two. As dog parents we become proud to see that our dogs follow our commands. Teaching dogs a trick or two is not a show off, but rather a way of communication that both we and they understand. When you […]

Positive reinforcement with dogs

Positive Reinforcement
To introduce positive reinforcement and state how to use it, we must mention what it is first. Positive reinforcement is the use of treats or praise to reward your pet for showing or doing a desired behavior or action. Using this method, you are basically dealing with the good behavior […]

Clicker training for dogs

clicker training
When training dogs we sometimes get disappointed when the results are not exactly what we want, even though we know that the dog is trying. This disappointment can lead to a change in tone or may result in a different posture while training that might convey a different message. So here comes […]

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