Why trained dogs have pee accidents

حوادث التبول للكلاب المدربة
  Having your well behaved and trained dog  start peeing all over the house again after being housebroken can be frustrating. Most dog parents believe that their dogs are punishing them for something, but in fact dogs don’t hold any kind of grudge towards anyone. When a trained dog starts […]

Jealousy in dogs

Jealousy in dogs
As dog parents we spoil our dogs sometimes too much that they can’t handle not being the center of attention. Not only can this affect us, but can also affect other people. If you are one of those people then you have probably seen your dog come between you and another […]

Hip dysplasia in dogs

Hip dysplasia dogs 1
  What is hip dysplasia? Hip dysplasia is one of the most commonly found bone diseases in dogs. From its name this disease has to do with the hip. When a dog has hip dysplasia it means that the structure of the ball and socket joint of the hip is […]

The use of dog accessories

Dog Accessories Harness
When we raise a dog there are certain accessories that simply tag with us along the way. Some of these accessories are a must and some are not. In this article we will introduce some of the important accessories to have as a dog owner, and why they are important. […]

How to care for orphaned newborn puppies

How to care for orphaned newborn puppies
  It is already a full time job to care for a young puppy, but when the puppy is orphaned it is a whole different story. When a puppy is born the mother makes sure that the puppy is well fed, clean and healthy but when the mother is absent […]

When to stop giving your dog treats

When to stop giving your dog treats
  One of the most commonly used methods for training is positive reinforcement with treats. This method simply means that the dog is given a treat every time he does a desired action until learned. A question stands at times: When to stop giving your dog treats for rewarding? This question […]

Teach your dog to bark on command (speak)

Teach your dog to bark on command
It’s cool when we teach our dogs a trick or two. As dog parents we become proud to see that our dogs follow our commands. Teaching dogs a trick or two is not a show off, but rather a way of communication that both we and they understand. When you […]

Honey for dogs, is it good or bad?

Honey for dogs
Most human food can’t be digested properly by dogs and may as well be harmful but that’s not the case for honey. Honey has already been predigested by bees thus not harmful or heavy for dogs to eat. As honey is very beneficial for us humans, it is also very […]

How to care for a senior dog

How to care for a senior dog
We often want to learn everything about training our puppies when we first get them and are so keen that they stay playful while young. However we often neglect the part where they grow old and need our care. It is very important to know that dogs grow old just […]

Acid reflux in dogs

Acid reflux in dogs
A dog can have heartburn or acid reflux just like a human. Here are some important questions and answers that would cover all you need to know about acid reflux in dogs.   What is acid reflux? Acid reflux is the uncontrolled reverse flow of gastric or intestinal fluid. This fluid travels […]

6 small dog breeds that won’t grow big

Small dog breeds
People who like dogs but don’t have one, sometimes are not motivated to get one because they are large and would need a big space. In most cases that’s true, the more space you have the better for your dog. Dogs as we all know come in all sizes, shapes and color, […]

The Great Dane

Great Dane
The Great Dane is a German breed also known as the German mastiff. The breed ranks as the 24th most famous breed to people. Great Danes are known for their enormous sizes and height, they weigh from 45 to 90 kilos and can stand at a height of 91 cm. […]

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