Why do dogs eat dog poop?

Dogs, like humans, derive their behaviors by motivation. As a dog parent there are so many compulsive behaviors that might make you furious, but for sure, eating poop is always at the top of the list. There is a scientific term for dogs eating dog poop, and that’s coprophagia. Coprophagia is actually very […]

Electric fence for puppies and dogs

electric fence for puppies and dogs
  If you happen to live in a house with a fenceless yard then this article is just for you. Many people have not yet heard about the electric fence used for dogs, yet it is very popular and debatable in other areas of the world. An electric fence is an […]

7 ways to bond with your dog

Ways to bond with your dog
  Relationships don’t vary much in understanding and meaning. So whether you want to have a relationship with your kid, parent, friend or even pet it would require some effort. All relationships requires you to pay attention and exert effort in what makes the other person/ pet happy and in […]

Dealing with dog bite injuries

كيف نتعامل مع كلبٍ يزمجر
 Dog bite injuries by stray dogs or even domesticated ones, do occasionally happen. It is very common to spot stray dogs on almost every street you walk in. As loving as dogs can be, some stray dogs can be aggressive and may even try to chase you down. In rare […]

Dealing with a deaf dog

Dealing with a deaf dog
  It is only natural that we humans depend on our voices to communicate. Of course, we use other senses like eye contact and hand gestures, so it’s no surprise that most of the time we assume the same for our dogs. Normal healthy dogs are OK with our verbal training […]

How to handle an aggressive stray dog pack

stray dog pack
Most dog owners become obsessed with dogs in general after sometime. I myself became too attached to my dogs and just love the idea of dogs, to the extent that I became in awe by just seeing a stray dog in the streets. If you are like me, the idea […]

How to deal with a blind dog

how to deal with a blind dog
Seeing your furry friend sick saddens you as much as it would if one of your children got sick. But what if it is more than that? What if it is one of your dog’s main senses is diminishing?  It is a situation that no pet owner wants to be […]

When and how to use a dog cone

The Cone
  Most dogs after surgery are required to wear an Elizabethan collar, also known as the cone. The E-collar or Elizabethan cone is used to prevent dogs from licking and chewing their surgical incision. Without the cone a dog could cause irritation, infection and other more serious problems that could lead […]

How dogs can sniff diseases

Image Credit: Aaron Jacobs, Loving Klaus
 Pets are known to be comforting all the time and especially when we feel down. More specifically dogs have shown how affectionate they can be towards their owners. Yes they are known to be loyal and genuine, but it doesn’t stop at that. Dogs have about 220 million scent receptors […]

Comforting your dog when they are scared

comforting your dog
 Some people are concerned that by comforting and petting their dogs when they are scared, they will encourage them to be more fearful. However this is not what we believe. Yes some people in the past claimed that this theory is true but according to new research done on the stress […]

How to break up a fight between two dogs

Dogs sometimes get rough while playing. It is our duty to know and read how our dogs are feeling, thus we need to differentiate between two dogs playing roughly pretend fight, and two dogs actually fighting. In this article we will tell how to differentiate between both and how to […]

The benefits of walking your dog everyday

Challenges while walking your dog
Walking your dog everyday is so much more than just exercising. Walking with your dog is a means for socializing, correcting behavior and even stimulating mental health. The best thing about walking is that it doesn’t only benefit your best pal but also improves your health and benefits you too […]

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