House-training your puppy

Between two to four months, a puppy’s instinct develops, telling them not to eliminate in their den. The place a puppy eats and sleeps then remains clean. A mother teaches the little puppy to do so. Just another reason to leave the puppy with the mother till minimum 3-4 months. […]

Why vinegar becomes your second best friend!

So you have a new little friend living with you and it could get overwhelming at times. With a dog in your home you are faced with many challenges when it comes to keeping a nice clean home, and using pet safe cleaning options. It’s a big deal, whether the […]

Puppy proofing your home

So you have decided you and your puppy are right for each other.  Your furry little family member is coming home.  It takes time for the little puppy to understand and respond to what is OK to play with and chew on and what is not. Do not let your […]

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