Hounds Club Kennel – Online Booking

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Why book online with us?

  • Check the facility first. Take your dog for an assessment and see the facility yourself before you pay!
  • Assessment is free! Book your assessment now, free of charge. Click here to book now!
  • No credit card required. Payment for boarding and training is all through cash collection at the facility.
  • Flexible booking. No maximum number of days required. Your pooch is always welcome, and can stay for as little as one day!
  • Discounted prices. Book online and get discounted rates for boarding and training services!
  • Receive updates. During your furry friend’s stay, the facility will be sending you images and updates to keep you posted.
  • Room Sizes. Your pooch can stay in a standard room size (9 square meters) or a large room (12 square meters). Assessment is required before booking training or boarding.
  • Meals included. The kennel offers food with the booking packages, whether training or boarding.


What are the online booking services available?

About the facility

Hound's ClubHound’s Club is a dog boarding and training facility, located in Cairo-Suez Road. For more information about the facility location and services, click here

woofDid we get you interested? Kindly check the kennel’s policy first before you proceed with any online bookings. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.