German Dog Camp Cairo 1

The German Dog Camp is a boarding place for all kinds of dogs. Spacious rooms and a roaming area with grass, trees and a pool.
Beverly Hills
Sheikh Zayed
6th of October

Mob.: 0106 352 4700

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One thought on “German Dog Camp Cairo

  • Jess Maghrabi
    Jess Maghrabi

    Horrible place, unequipped to be a Kennel, the owner has no knowledge about dogs whatsoever…Had a Baladi rescue puppy boarded there and after a month of staying there, the owner of the kennel decided to kick her out as she look bad for business because she is a baladi puppy (she had a broken front leg too) !!
    The owner kept using the food i provided for her to feed all of the boarding dogs and kept harassing me into buying more food saying that my puppy ate all their food (i provided 20 Kgs of dog food for her and he said she finished it in a week)
    He kept changing the rate of the boarding during the month she was staying there and trying to abuse me for more money!!
    And when i took the Baladi dog out of that place, he sent me threatening texts to not say anything bad about the place, later on i discovered that the owner is a con man and has too many police reports filed against him!! Please BEWARE of that place!!