Puppy proofing your home

Puppy Proofing

So you have decided you and your puppy are right for each other.  Your furry little family member is coming home.  It takes time for the little puppy to understand and respond to what is OK to play with and chew on and what is not.

Do not let your puppy play with anything he should not consider a toy at a later time. If you let him chew on an old shoe, do not get surprised if he does the same to your pretty new designer ones too. Both surely smell deliciously like leather and you.

Another advice is, do not let loose items lie around the house, especially on the floor and beware of dangling things, such as the table cloth.

Also beware of that uncontrollable happy wagging tail, it can tip over items on the same height level.

Loose and specially moving cables can get really tempting too at times, you might want to keep them as hidden and far out of reach as possible.

Then of course there is the kitchen, what a beautifully yummy smelling are with many hiding places. Beware of cabinets and drawers left open or easily opened. Cleaning detergents or other toxins should be kept out of your puppy’s reach.  Do the same with medicine.

If you have stairs inside your house it is best to install a baby / puppy gate to block them. Puppies might be able to get up but can easily fall trying to get back down.

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