Puppy essentials

Puppy Essentials

Eat & drink:

You will need two bowls, one for water and the other one for food. Consider the material they are made of. If too light in weight, they can easily be flipped over and then maybe become toys. Plastic can be scratched and harbor bacteria. If you still decide for plastic then try to choose the harder, dishwasher proof plastic bowl. The most durable and easy to clean bowls are made out of stainless steel.

Leash & collar:

Your puppy grows quickly, so best is to get an adjustable nylon collar at first. The collar should fit comfortably, it shouldn’t be too tight nor should the puppy get out easily when pulling. The rule here is, you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. Consider attaching name tag with your number on it in case your puppy got lost.


The fur of your dog decides which brush is best to use, yet beware of very sharp pins, which can hurt your puppy’s skin. Short fur dogs can also be brushed with glove brushes or bristle brushes.


To make sure your puppy has no excuse to play with things he is not supposed to, you should provide some toys he is allowed and actually encouraged to play with.

woofTip: Just like children, dogs get bored of toys and then look for new ones. Do not let your puppy play with all toys at once, alter the ones you leave out and put others away. You can even make them more interesting by placing them inside your laundry hamper meanwhile to make them smell like you.

Bed & Crate:

Your puppy’s bed is a comfortable place he can rest and fall asleep on. During housebreaking your puppy a crate will best serve as a bed. You might just consider putting in it a soft cushion to make it super cozy for your little puppy. When this phase is over your puppy can get his own dog bed. Getting one with washable covers will come in handy.

The crate serves as a confined area where your puppy should feel comfortable and safe. It is a great tool to house-train him. When choosing a crate, make sure your puppy can stand, turn around and stretch in it. Yet do not make it big enough for the puppy to litter in one corner and still have place to sleep further away from it.

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