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2 thoughts on “Modern Veterinary Clinic

  • Mariam Abou ElSeoud
    Mariam Abou ElSeoud

    Dr. Aziz Sharaf ElDin was one of the main reasons my dog’s life is in the process of being saved… He answered my call (which he always does) at 10:30 pm last sunday (June 7th, 2015) and opened the clinic for an emergency operation for my dog… He saved no effort and was generous with time and care to save my dog’s life (which was in high risk of loss)… It’s a miracle that I still have my baby, and he’s still seeing him daily for intravenous supplements and post op care… Modern Veterinary Clinic is highly recommended.
    Please pray for my dog to make it and recover.
    Thank you Dr. Aziz

  • Nihal Ibrahim
    Nihal Ibrahim

    Dr. Aziz Sharaf El Din provides excellent pet health care and is an excellent diagnostician and surgeon — A little expensive, but totally worth it (Please note to only deal with Dr. Aziz concerning serious issues)